Trust Is Us

NCRYPTO delivers you the best in class security
with the value of your trust. Promise!


Our Initiative

Founded in 2019 as Naman Bishnoi's Cryptological Research Labs independently by Naman Bishnoi, we always believed that security and privacy are neither an obligation nor a privilege but a fundamental right to all.

Our Goal

To be the most trusted entity across the industry as the future leader, achieving best in aspects of cyber security and information assurance. Adhering to it, our products like Securovault, AviDB, Cerebrain provides advanced features ready for Industry 4.0.

Who We Are

We are a team of cybersecurity veterans from India who fought the cyber war at frontlines with the cyber terrorists which poses a risk to national security. We are the company who deals in securing the products that you trust the most. Hence our motto #TrustIsUs. It does't matter what they serve, as long as its related to the security of passionate netizens like you.

Our Love

We love inventing things, technologies which will serve you in future. NCRYPTO homebrews their own software and tools to ensure maximum quality is being delivered to you. We believe that security can only be integrated perfectly when it is created in-house. As we say You cannot secure, what you cannot see


Our Values

NCRYPTO is your best friend first and a business afterwards, we have always been your friend taking care of your dire needs. We keep you safe from those who are a threat to your fundamental rights like privacy and security because keeping you safe is our priority. Doing that right makes us a trusted entity among all. Whether you are a person using internet or a company running business over it, we assure you the fact that A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Our History

NCRYPTO started in 2015 as Naman Bishnoi's Cryptological Research Labs being sole proprietorship to Naman Bishnoi as a goal of applying his security research to companies providing as best solution as it can be, the company was later incorporated in May 2019 and renamed as NCRYPTO Labs Private Limited.